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An educationist is a person who can be commonly referred to as a teacher. An educationist is a person who contributes diligently for the development of the national and the global societies. Hence programs of training for teachers are often considered to be crucial. A good teacher or an educationist must possess a good number of attributes. These attributes helps them to make a difference to their careers and also the society as a whole.

Top educationists in India have pointed out at certain key skills that shall be considered to be crucial for a good educationist or a teacher. They will be discussed in the following part of the discussion:


As per the cce lesson plans for teachers, it has been agreed that a good teacher or educationist will be one who will be highly organized. Discipline and order is the very first thing that happens to be required so that the students can be taught and can be groomed in the most desirable manner.


It is very much imperative that the educationist or the teacher is a creative person. This is so because each of the students will have their own strengths and weaknesses. As a result of the same each of the students must be taught in their own ways. It is true that the teacher cannot teach each of the student in their own ways but at the same time it is also required that the teacher at least spares them some individual time. The teacher must be creative in his approach of handling the child.

Highly Intuitive:

A good educationist must also have the skill to understand his children. Sometimes these children due to their age or their lack of experience are not able to understand the kind of problems that they are having. This skill of the teacher can help the children to understand their problems better and hence deal with their problems and challenges better.

Calming Nature:

A good educationist will be one who has a calm and composed nature. This is an aspect that shall help him or her to tackle situations of tension and fights between children. In order to manage a class of hyperactive children, it is essential that the teacher or the educationist must have a calm nature.

Detail Oriented:

A good educationist will always spare extra attention to the aspect of extra details. This is in fact taught very diligently in all the teachers’ training programs. Teachers must be very attentive towards little details. This is the only way that they can successfully handle a bunch of kids who have very diverse natures, strengths and weaknesses.

Deadline Oriented:

The educationist must be a deadline oriented person. This will ensure the fact that he or he can finish the syllabus right on time. This will also help him to prepare his students in the most desirable manner. This is an attribute that can ensure both successful teachers and students in the long run.

Even tempered:

A good educationist must be an even tempered man or women. This will allow him to handle all situations of crisis. Often it has been seen that if the teacher is an ill tempered person ten the students are very wary and even scared of the person. This does not allow the teacher to interact with the students in the most desirable manner. As a result even the teacher is unable to get to the roots of the problems of the student. Hence being a mild tempered person is a requirement for a good educationist.

Good Sense of Humour:

It is said that nothing better than a good humour helps a teacher student relationship. It is imperative that the teacher is a man or women with a good sense of humour. This sets the mode of the class right and helps the students to open up to their teachers. In this context we see that even the student teacher bonding becomes stronger.


A good educationist will be a great adapter for his surroundings. This will help both the teacher and also his or her class.

Love for Students:

The last and the most important attribute of a good educationist is a love for his students and the art of teaching. This is the most important aspect that can bring success to both the educationist and his pupils.

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