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August 14, 2017
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Need and Benefits of Integrating Learning Management Systems With Teacher Training Programs

Teacher Training Programs

The primary objective of any good training program for the teachers is to enhance their knowledge and skills to match the changing learning needs and objectives of their students. However, like most other training programs, the developers of the teacher training programs have no sure way of learning about the productivity and effectiveness of these programs. This is extremely essential to ensure that the teachers are able to apply their new knowledge and skills in a practical manner and enhance the learning experience of their wards. Thankfully, integrating the learning management systems with the training for teachers provides a reliable means to enhance the overall efficiency of any such program.

Discussed below are the various ways in which such integration can help in delivering the learning objectives of primary teacher training programs in the best possible manner.

During Pre-Training

In order for any training program to be successful, it is important to identify the learning objectives of the programs before it is even offered to the trainees. A learning management system helps the developers to create an action sheet based on the objectives that they intend to achieve through the teacher training programs. The action sheet acts as the reference guide for the individual trainees and keeps them updated about the skills and knowledge that can expect to gain from the training program. It will motivate them further to take part in the program and improve their teaching skills significantly.

During The Course of Training

The learning management system helps in improving the interaction between the trainers and the learners during the actual training sessions. The trainers are easily baled to monitor their performance on a daily basis while the trainers are able to not only provide the learning tasks and assignments in a more organized manner but also check them well in time. More important the teachers undergoing the primary teacher training are constantly aware of what they can expect next in their training and prepare themselves in advance for the same. This eliminates any chances of even a single learning objective being left uncovered due to the oversight of the trainers or the learners.

Post-Training Phase

The most important benefit of integrating learning management system with training for teachers programs can be observed in the post-training phase. It is during this phase that the trainees actually implement their newly acquired knowledge and skills. A learning management system helps the trainee teachers to do so in a more effective way while also enabling them to provide a feedback about any shortcomings of the program in terms of its practical applicability. The learning management system enables the teachers to refer to the various learning objective to overcome find the most effective solution for overcoming a learning challenge or even for sharing information and experiences with their peers.

Given the above benefits of integrating learning management system with teacher training, it is not surprising that the idea is catching up like wild fire. It not only helps to provide comprehensive learning support and guidance to the trainee teachers but also helps them to monitor, manage to reiterate their training requirements to ensure the achievement of specific learning objectives.

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