Teachers Training & Development

Dr. Rosetta Williams through her global educational consulting services can help to develop and implement world-class teacher professional development programs rooted in scientifically based best practices that will result in high-quality teaching and learning and be responsive to regional and cultural contexts, conditions and resources. Her Expertise lies in:


  • Researching the specific needs of a region for a targeted group of teachers and/or academic disciplines through needs assessments and relevant academic reviews. Reviews will analyze academic outcomes based on previous professional development.
  • Identify or develop standards for the teaching profession ( Primary Teacher Training or any other training for teachers ) that are connected to the targeted professional development and are based on best teaching practices.
  • Identify or develop opportunities for partnerships with local, regional or international education centers and the professional community in order to provide a programmer of teacher professional development unique to that community. The customized programmed will bring together sources of expertise connected to the experiences of participating teachers and the targeted professional development.
  • Identify research-based assessment tools and observation rubrics to evaluate teacher performance and determine individual and group needs for professional development, to include measures of student outcomes on standards-based assessments
  • Ensure that the programs that are standards-driven and based on proven strategies.
  • Determine if the targeted professional development can be applied toward an advanced credential or degree, continuing education units, salary increases or other professional advancements for the participating teachers, and create alliances with those programs or agencies that are the sources of such awards.
  • Design and implement a continuous learning component for the professional development program that includes opportunities for teachers to interact with their colleagues in various activities structured around the learning of global teaching practices.