Online & Distance Learning

Dr. Rosetta Williams will provide an analysis of available distance education programs and will make recommendations for implementing an effective solution that is fully aligned with regional needs and the skills demanded by the 21st Century. She will:

  • Analyse the region’s need for distance learning curricula in specific subject areas and education levels.
  • Agree on the types of distance learning desired with school or regional authorities (Synchronous or asynchronous, Teacher-led or student-initiated, “push” or “pull”)
  • Develop strategies for student engagement and interaction, including technological literacy and experience in the use of interactive applications and simulations.
  • Define the role of the teacher and/or school in monitoring and encouraging student engagement through distance education.
  • Deliver programmers that best fit the needs of students, teachers and regions and accelerate student achievement.
  • Construct a professional development system for teachers and administrators to optimize their effectiveness in the use of distance education.
  • Create final summative assessments to enable students to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills.
  • Ensure effective administration of distance education programmers that guarantees cost-effectiveness and appropriate capital expenditures.