Counseling Service for Students
  • Motivational lectures for students.
  • Students mass counseling
  • One ­to­ one counseling
  • Parents counseling
  • Individual counseling session for adults.
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Time Management
Entry Readiness and Strategy

1) School Project : Training institutes/vocational colleges/residential setups.

  • Project of new Schools and affiliation.
  • Management & trustees Empowerment School Bye-laws and regulations.
  • Concept aviation.

2) School Audit : Academic /systems/processes/operations.

  • Internal Audit for academics, Administration and Management
  • Regular surveillance audit.

3) HR Support: training /soft skills.

  • Staff requirement
  • Development of Human Resources.

4) Quality Management System:

  • Designing Quality Manual for School, Work Procedure Academics, Administration and Management.
  • Complete ISO training and inspection.

5) Promotion

6) Franchisee Management

7) Curriculum Development :

  • Curriculum development and planning of syllabus.
  • Assessment policies.

8) Technology driven institute and e-commerce , marketing and promotion of brand value.

Help Desk for Management in Institution

In an information-heavy world, the educational consultants have created new ways to cut through the noise. We know who to talk to and how to uncover the most elusive market insights. No advice or spin – just direct access to reliable intelligence from respected sources.

Sometimes there is no substitute for one-to-one time with a specialist who has first-hand knowledge of his or her industry.

Get a front row seat on the latest market developments in a moderated call with an industry thought-leader.

Meet respected industry specialists and benefit from their front-line perspective on topical market issues.

Gain a clear and unbiased snapshot of listed company performance based on insight from the most authoritative sources.

Innovative Projects

The Educational Consultant Advisors has developed a reputation for innovation that works.

The reason for the success of The Educational Consultants approach to design and innovation is its process, that enables the creation of leading learning communities for the future, where the institutions are dynamic, adaptive, self-organizing systems, not only capable but inherently designed to renew themselves and to grow and change.

Education Design is about having an intentional process in order to get to new, relevant solutions that create positive impact in institutions. It is a process for transforming difficult challenges into opportunities for education innovation.

The process begins from deep empathy and understanding of needs and motivations of people in this case, the students, faculty, parents, staff and administrators. It is collaborative; Education Design Thinking benefits greatly from the views of multiple perspectives. Given the range of needs the institution and students have, the design work will never be finished or solved. It is always in progress. Education Design gives the confidence that new; better solutions for education are possible and can happen.


Evolution is the development of the concept over time. It involves planning next steps, communicating the idea to people involved, and documenting the process.

Access to many of the leading education institutions and groups across the world. These include the leading universities, schools, accreditation agencies, examination boards, research organizations, education service companies and multilateral organizations.

Investor Insight & Analysis

The Educational Consultant has a unique perspective and experience in the education investment arena due to its multi disciplinary approach and experience. It has worked with some of the most prominent investors in the field and has earned a reputation of bringing new perspectives and insights to the industry.

The Educational Consultant investor team has worked on both sides of the deal flows and understands the special nature of transactions in the education sector. Drawing upon its experience, The Educational Consultant is able to draw critical insights into the growth prospects of individual companies and business units, as well as those of the industry as a whole or of particular segments.

The Educational Consultant has an understanding of different education markets, from segment and size to geography and maturity. It is able to discover and assist education companies and investors in awareness of market opportunities and in diligence and deal closure.

The Educational Consultant Advisors provides services that include:

  • Overall portfolio analysis
  • Advice and counsel on strengths and weakness of the sector
  • Insight and analysis of market opportunities internationally
  • Unique access to investment opportunities
  • Deal due diligence and risk assessment
  • Investment evaluation with strategic options
  • Turnaround and growth strategy for portfolio companies
  • Management restructuring and leadership recruitment for portfolio companies
Market Entry & Partnerships

The Educational Consultant has built up a reputation of excellence internationally, with experience working with both the public and private sector.

The Educational Consultant has extensive experience entering new markets; assisting education providers to enter or investors identify new acquisitions and investments. The Educational Consultant identifies the best route to entry, provides strategic advice, makes recommendations on competitive positioning and advises on how to deal with potential barriers to entry or growth.

The unique relationships of The Educational Consultant give it access to many of the leading education institutions and groups across the world. These include the leading universities, schools, accreditation agencies, examination boards, research organizations, education service companies and multilateral organizations.

NRI Services


Every individual has a desire to be self accomplished and have a bright future for his future generations. He wishes to possess all the comforts and luxuries around him. A lot of Overseas Indians have migrated outside India to fulfill their dreams and by virtue of their hard work and dedication have made a mark globally. The remittances from NRI’s have contributed immensely to the Indian Economy.

There comes a stage in life where we look back and enjoy and cherish the moments gone by and always remember the beginning in India and remember all those who supported our journey. The Indians outside always want to contribute back to Indian society in many ways like political, social etc. There is one way where you can contribute to society by setting up a Dream School at your Home town. Come and realise your dream with The Educational Consultants Services as your school consultancy partner.

Why The Educational Consultants?

The biggest concern to Open a School is to understand the dynamics of this field. The question like how to open a school, How to Start a School , The procedures to open a School, How to do Project planning for School, What are the expenses involved in opening a School, What are the procedures and compliances to open a school, How to get experience team to help start a School, Which is the best school consultants team available in India, How to prepare a feasibility report for school, How to prepare a school project report . All these are need and ingredients to open a school or understand the complete dynamics new school setup. The Educational Consultants will help you understand and guide you for new school setup right from project planning phase to Commissioning of school

School Consultants in Delhi & India

Best School consultants in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata & Bangalore.

Online & Distance Learning
The Educational Consultant will provide an analysis of available distance education programs and will make recommendations for implementing an effective solution that is fully aligned with regional needs and the skills demanded by the 21st Century. We will:
  • Analyse the regions need for distance learning curricula in specific subject areas and education levels.
  • Agree on the types of distance learning desired with school or regional authorities.
  • Develop strategies for student engagement and interaction, including technological literacy and experience in the use of interactive applications and simulations.
  • Define the role of the teacher and/or school in monitoring and encouraging student engagement through distance education.
  • Deliver programmers that best fit the needs of students, teachers and regions and accelerate student achievement.
  • Construct a professional development system for teachers and administrators to optimize their effectiveness in the use of distance education.
  • Create final summative assessments to enable students to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills.
  • Ensure effective administration of distance education programmers that guarantees cost-effectiveness and appropriate capital expenditures.
Operational Review & Improvement

The Educational Consultant has a team that specializes in operational review and improvement of education institutions.

The Educational Consultant team uses secondary data, site visits, and interviews and observations, and analysis of documentation to deliver an education audit report that identifies an institutions strength and weakness, areas of concern and how to develop, fix and improve the institution.

The Educational Consultant will among other things:

  • Evaluate instructional practices within schools to determine whether the current methods are meeting market and/or community demands.
  • Establish accountability measures and academic standards based on the latest international research for the promotion of student achievement.
  • Evaluate the management of resources within the institution to certify that all available sources of funding are being utilized and that all revenues are directed to meet the needs of the student and the goals of the institution.
Project Design & Implementation

The Educational Consultant is one of the most respected consultancies in the field of education due to its record of accomplishment of implementing the vision of its clients. It has extensive international experience in building and managing education institutions and nation-wide systems. The Educational Consultant designs each of its projects to the client needs and vision, adapting local and regional demands, academic offering and the over-all strategic plan.

The Educational Consultant has a unique network of Senior Advisors, renown in the industry for their extensive experience and particular specializations in project design and implementation, located in over 25 countries. This network provides The Educational Consultant with the local expertise and the international perspective to think globally but deliver locally.

The Educational Consultant offers clients the option of a turnkey design solution, to directing the detailed design, construction, launch, marketing, operations and management of an education institution. The Educational Consultant Design Philosophy incorporates internationally proven instructional techniques, leading human resource and faculty inputs and state-of-the-art facilities to develop education institutions relevant today and in the future. Central to its philosophy is that the institution must provide its students the greatest opportunities to discover themselves and to succeed academically, while preparing them for the global knowledge economy.

On the other hand, The Educational Consultant also provides specialized services to clients, who may wish to use only some of the services of the organization.

These services include:

  • Curriculum and instructional design
  • Project design, including financial planning, architectural design, site planning
  • Operational plan for delivery of the curriculum, including professional development of faculty
  • Resource identification, standards and sourcing of supplies
  • Accreditation systems for institutions or governments, based on leading international standards
  • Marketing, outreach and launch of the institution
  • Monitoring and evaluation
Training Seminar For Staff Development

Modules :

  • Understanding learner and Class room teaching
  • Hands ­on­ training for responsibilities of different profile
  • Best teaching methodology
  • Education for life.
  • Planning for students learning
  • Teaching for students learning
  • Environment for students learning
  • Effective tools of assessments
  • Use of technology in education
  • Need based Customized training etc.

Workshops :

  • Successful parenting workshop. Teacher on the job training, latest innovative
  • Development prevention of child abuse.
  • Development of a safe school/institute.
  • Development of multiple sources for revenue generation.