Dr. Rosetta Williams directs the construction, operation and management of primary through secondary educational systems, from individual schools to national level operations that incorporate internationally proven instructional techniques, leading faculty, and state of the art facilities to ensure students have the greatest opportunities to succeed academically. She also is an expert in Primary Teachers Training and other Teachers Training Programs. Through her Educational Consulting Services, she can help to:

  • Evaluate instructional practices within schools to determine whether the current methods are meeting market and/or community demands.
  • Establish accountability measures and academic standards based on the latest international research for the promotion of student achievement.
  • Provide in-depth analysis of government regulations at the national, federal, state, and local levels to ensure full compliance.
  • Establish educational delivery programmes, Primary Teacher Training programs and other Teachers Training Programs that are based on proven techniques and meet the particular needs of student population.
  • Set processes for teacher and principal recruitment and retention programmes, to attract the most desirable candidates for positions within the school and provide them with compensation plans that reward meeting benchmarks for success.
  • Provide a leadership structure that meets the needs of the overall institution, utilises staff input, and maximises student achievement.
  • Structure outreach programmes to parents and other community leaders to ensure that the school or system is valued and integrated in its wider environment.
  • Evaluate the management of resources within the institution to certify that all available sources of funding are being utilised and that all revenues are directed to meet the needs of the student and the goals of the institution.