Vocational Training & Skills

Dr. Rosetta William's expertise lies in producing an analysis of current career and technical education programs/schools in the region and through her Communication Skills Development Programs she assists in establishing a coherent, effective vocational education system aligned with appropriate standards and the requirements of the 21st century workforce. She can help work with existing or establish a new centre/programs appropriate for the student and work force needs of the region. Some of the objectives of her programs are to:


  • Develop targets for rigorous and relevant student outcomes in collaboration with workforce development councils and community/technical/four-year colleges.
  • Implement strategies for student engagement and interaction, including technological applications, simulations, and product design and production.
  • Engage students in targeted academic coursework alongside vocational training elements led by highly qualified teachers.
  • Provide for summative assessments that supply feedback to students and teachers on progress related to high standards, enabling students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills and receive externally recognized certification wherever possible.
  • Establish career counseling focused on preparation for both immediate and long-term careers.
  • Institute career-oriented student organizations to develop student skills, provide access to mentors, develop career aspirations, and maintain engagement in both academic and vocational courses.
  • Create opportunities for students to engage in shadowing and internships in business and industry to determine interest and develop knowledge, skills, and professional experience.
  • Encourage student enrolment in post-secondary courses through dual credit or direct enrolment in community/technical college courses.
  • Ensure effective budgeting, including access to all available funds and proper use of resources.
Dr Rosetta Williams is an accomplished educationist and runs many Communication Skills Training in Delhi and other parts of the country. Please feel free to reach out to her by filling a short form at
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