Higher Education Consulting

Dr. Rosetta William's Higher Education Consulting can develop, execute and oversee the establishment of higher education institutions. From the early phases of campus design and construction oversight to academic programmed development and system assessment, she uses her expertise to establish reputable and influential colleges and universities. Through her Higher Education Consulting Services she can help to:

  • Determine if the education structure at the local, regional or national level is supportive of higher education and, through programmed and system evaluations, meets the needs of the community, country and region.
  • Research national and international best practices in areas of need, including innovative approaches and products created specifically for the education market by private-sector providers.
  • Influence strategic direction for higher education at the local, national or regional level.
  • Facilitate the campus design process, including the real estate transaction, design and blueprint process, and construction oversight.
  • Oversee budget development, support management of financial resources, and ensure capital provides sufficient backing necessary to achieve overall goals and strategy.
  • Promote and implement rigorous institutional admission standards.
  • Identify and customize premier academic programmers and curricula, identify world-renowned academic and administrative leadership, and assemble a world-class faculty to advance research and academic excellence at the institution.
  • Provide direction and ongoing support for the sustainability and implementation of the findings and recommendations of our work.
  • Establish effective accreditation systems for the state or nation based on international standards.
  • Develop standards and procedures for the creation of scholarship or student loan support that can broaden access to higher education.