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The programs of primary teacher’s training courses often prepare their students and trainees for the interview processes that they will have to face at the time of appearing for job interviews at schools. In the following discussion we will be taking a look at ten such questions that are an all time favorite of the interview panels of education institutes, thrown at the candidates for primary teaching positions. Along with the questions an indication of the appropriate answers will also be provided.

  1. If I suddenly walked into your classroom what is the scenario that I am likely to witness?

In this question the interviewer is trying to see the kind of organization that the candidate is aiming to bring about in the class. This answer must say that the scenario will be an interactive one where the children would be seen participating in the lessons of the class.

  1. Why is subject moral science taught to students?

Moral science is a very important subject. It aims at developing the overall personality, reasoning and conscience of a student. The interviewers will aim at seeing whether you are sparing equal attention to overall development of the child.

  1. What is the best way of behavior management?

This question is trying to analyse the way you aim at bringing order to the classroom. The answers must suggest that you will apply a blend of discipline along with collaboration with the children of the class.

  1. What would be your best contribution to the organization?

It will be values among-st the children and a genuine respect for the motto and the vision of the institute. The answer must reflect your respect for the objectives of the institute.

  1. What is so special about teaching?

This is an answer that must impress the interviewers to the conclusion that the profession of teaching is what that exactly aligns with your personality. The principle of teaching that is developing young kids is the main driving ambition that activates you.

  1. Why this school?

The answer to this question must reveal that you have a good share of knowledge of the history of the institution. You must be able to cite the results and the achievements that the institute did manage to attain in the last few years. You pride in being a part of the institution must be one that should reflect from your answer.

  1. What is the biggest attribute of a good teacher?

The biggest attribute of a good teacher is getting a fair understanding of the problems and objectives of his or her students. This is the biggest plus points in a teacher that can help the students the most and can also motivate them the best.

  1. How do you prepare?

Preparations happen to be very important. This is a process that is important for all the standards and for any subject that you will be teaching. In this context the best way to prepare is to go through the chapter thoroughly and also make a note of the important aspects of the chapter that must be registered with the children. These are the points that should then be installed with the class in a creative manner.

  1. If we do not appoint you what do we miss out on?

This is a great chance when the candidate can market herself or himself. This is the question where the institute is giving you all the chance to sell yourself and let them know what you truly are. This is the chance when you can cite all the various ways that you wish to overcome all the hurdles that would be thrown your way and you would rise up to any challenge for your profession.

  1. What is more important student participation or discipline?

In this answer the first and the only impression that must be given to the interviewers that participation of the students and discipline in the class can be attained at the same time. They are the two sides of the same coin and its does not mean that cannot gain both at a single go.

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