In terms of a secular concept of service – in thinking, words and practice, with a “hands down” experience, and with the basic intention of increasing participation of people in economic and social upgradation, as is the need of the hour today, KARM PATH has lived upto its name in laying a strong foundation in organizing and monitoring disciplinary educational programs in the field of academics and other scholastic literary activities. Bringing in a chain of seminars, workshops, competitive large scale events, it has brought to the teaching faculty, student body and community workers, a sense of responsibility in the areas of :-

  • Development of women and children in rural areas
  • Informal education for girls,
  • Development of socially backward women,
  • Inculcation of the present day importance of Science and technology in the minds of women, specially in the rural areas,
  • Focus on the girl child and eradication of the social evil of female infanticide.

The list of problems are never ending, however, the untiring efforts of KARM PATH in rectification thereof have not proved futile. Devoted teachers are striving to help students change marginal grades into good grades, thereby administering energetic intellectual growth and social development, giving them a sense of mutual respect and transparent communication.

Positioning of the required infrastructure in the field of education including libraries, computer center duly supported by out sourced affiliation with prominent Corporate levels. Side by side, imparting of teacher’s training par excellence and closely monitoring the performance and take corrective steps for an improved understanding.