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Want To Give Your Career A Good Start? Consider Teacher Training First

Teachers Training Career - Rosetta Williams

I have seen many people after finishing their Graduation or Post graduation wondering whether teaching is valuable for their career or not. Well, being an educationist, I will always say you that teaching is an amazing job. This job helps you justify your qualification. This perhaps is the only profession

Want To Give Your Career A Good Start? Consider Teacher Training First

I will recommend you to go for teacher training surely, but before that consider some points also:

  1. Think deeply, is the job relevant for you?

You should know that teaching is a very demanding and challenging career. Ask yourself if you enjoy spending time with young people and kids? Think about your favourite and ideal teacher and the admirable qualities and then get into this profession.

  1. Know more about modern teaching:

Things have been changed now. Do you know about modern teaching? If not, you should know that. Talk to your old school’s teachers and spend some time doing voluntary work at your local school. I think this will help you understand whether teaching profession is for you. Try to get some ideas of curriculum for excellence which can help you in teacher training.

  1. Are you having all the required skills?

Being a teacher, you will be responsible for numeracy, literacy, health, and wellbeing. So are you having all the required skills and knowledge? If not, then it’s time to develop your skills and knowledge!

  1. Choose the age group you want to teach:

Want to be a primary school teacher or secondary school teacher? Which age group is comfortable for you? Think deeply, whom do you enjoy most with?

  1. Choose the subject you want to teach:

Do you know what subjects you’ll have to teach in a primary or secondary school? You should think about specialisation such as teaching children with additional support needs.

I am involved in education consultancy services for many years. Contact me if you are looking for some consultation regarding teaching career.

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