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Key Functions of Education in Modern Society

The idea of education in today’s society is to prepare students for the challenges of life in the career world. Because of the many diverse paths to success that exist today, different students need different outcomes from their experiences in the educational system. Rather than inculcating a set list of aptitude or ideas, education must prepare students to think critically and select the opportunities that they need in order to succeed in their chosen paths.

School in the current time is treated as the most suitable, active and formal agency of education. As per the changing need of the hour, school develops and grows with its specific goals.


Main Function of School:

Preservation and promotion of culture:

The school conserves the valuable culture, tradition, values of the society and helps in promoting and developing these with the rolling of the time. It also spreads the store of culture to the next generation.

All-round development of the individual:

For all-round development of the individual school has a bouquet of programmes. Through its different activities, it draws out the hidden potentialities of the child and develops them in a proper way.

Development of higher values of life:

School helps in developing and cultivating good and higher values like truth, sympathy, love, cooperation, etc. in child. Through different social interactions and moral teachings, it spreads the message of righteous living in a society.

Development of social responsibility:

School is called a society in miniature. Because in school child shares his feelings with various children coming from different strata, he learns the lessons of social duty, responsibilities and understanding the feelings of others. A school helps in social change and social control.

Citizenship training:

School creates the first civic society for the child. Child learns the duty and civic rights for the country as a responsible citizen. So school trains the lessons of citizenship to a child

Adjustability in society:

School prepares child to face the struggle of the society. So proper adjustment and application of learned knowledge can be checked and guided by school. Thus the main function of the school is to develop adjustment capacity of an individual.

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