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An Interview with Two Parents: Helping In Child Development

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Being a teacher and an educational consultant, I am always concerned about my students’ growth and success and I keep on meting up with parents to understand their view point on a teacher’s role in a child’s life and about things we must keep in mind while designing our curriculum. Here’s an extract from one of meeting with two different set of parents with the same set of questions


  1. What skills do you teach your child at home?

Parent #1: I try to teach my kid the basic things such as the way of behaving with others, disciplines, and manner.

Parent #2: I want to see my child develop gradually. I don’t force him anyway to learn anything. I think this time is too early to teach him all the skills.

Do you believe in daily assessment of a child?

Parent #1: Yes, I believe very much. I think teachers are basically responsible for improving my child’s skill as well as for maintaining too. But I being a parent also give my kid skill-specific feedback, so that he can understand it better.

Parent #2: This is completely a teacher’s job, according to me. And I want a teacher to assess my kid if it is required.

Do you allow your child to be involved in sports along with studies?

Parent #1: Yes, definitely. According to me, sports help improve a child’s brain’s capacity and both study and sports are important for my kid’s growth. Health is the primary treasure and if my kid is healthy, he will be more easily able to achieve his study goals.

Parent #2: No, I don’t always allow him. I think this is the time for his development and he should concentrate on his studies more than sports. Sports are extra curriculum activities for me, not so much important.

How do you meet your kid’s need if your kid is struggling or excelling?

Parent #1: In terms of my child’s study, I help him to complete his lessons, homework, and make him understand the lessons thoroughly so that he can do it by himself. I think he will definitely excel if he practices daily and does hard work.

Parent #2: I try to help my kid in order to fulfil his needs. But I don’t get much time to spend with him. So, I completely depend on his school and teachers.

The complete session with two parents was fruitful as I wanted to know their thinking. You can see that two parents’ points of view are completely different and we as teachers should keep both perspectives in mind while we set up our class rooms.
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