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Considering Teaching as One of the Most Stressful Occupations

Considering Teaching as One of the Most Stressful Occupations

“Is it really true that teaching is considered as one of the most stressful occupations?” One of my readers asked me this and here’s what I believe:

We all find teachers doing very hard work across the year and you definitely know that they are simply more than teachers. They are nurses, psychologists and sometimes cheerleaders for children as well. I say this just because most teachers do not only teach; they are always there to help out their students when they are having a tough time and pick them up while they fall down and also wipe their tears.

Basically, teachers are the multi taskers. They work with the students, they complete their administrative work, and they attend meetings, plan and get prepared for each and every day. So, you can see that teaching is not limited to the bell ringing of the school for every period.

Additionally, teachers carry many responsibilities throughout the day. When new processes or standards arise, teachers are responsible for carrying them out with no or little training. Teachers feel especially anxious because they need to carry out a constant process of new initiatives like applying co-curricular activities alongside academics. When they start to teach they feel enthusiastic but at the end of the day, they all feel exhausted and anxious.

Believe me; teachers do have a lot on their plate!

I know that teachers love their students and definitely want to see each of them succeeded. So, I would like to suggest all teachers to take a break and ensure they relax. They also need to take time out to rejuvenate so that they come back to the students with the same enthusiasm and zeal.

Being a teacher training trainer, I want to offer some tips to the teachers:

  • Take a small walk during a planning period, lunch or after school.
  • Break your tasks down into smaller tasks.
  • Handle your most difficult tasks first. Make it enjoyable if you need to handle those tasks. Play some music.

Happy thanksgiving!

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