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Every individual has a desire to be self accomplished and have a bright future for his future generations. He wishes to possess all the comforts and luxuries around him. A lot of Overseas Indians have migrated outside India to fulfill their dreams and by virtue of their hardwork and dedication have made a mark globally.The remittances from NRI’s has contributed immensely to the Indian Economy.

There comes a stage in life where we look back and enjoy and cherish the moments gone by and always remember the beginning in India and remember all those who supported our journey.The Indians outside always want to contribute back to Indian society in many ways like political, social etc… There is one way where you can contribute to society by setting up a Dream School at your Home town. The genesis of the school lies ‘Return to the society what you owe to it. come and realise your dream with The Dr. Rosetta Willams Services as your school consultancy partner.

Why The Dr. Rosetta Willams ?

The biggest concern to Open a is to understand the dyamics of this field. The question like how to open a school, How to Start a School , The procedures to open a School, How to do Project planning for School, What are the expenses involved in opening a School, What are the procedures and complainces to open a school, How to get experience team to help start a School, Which is the best school consultants team available in India, How to preapare a feasibility report for school, How to prepare a school project report . All these are need and ingredients to open a school or understand the complete dynamics new school setup. The Dr. Rosetta Willams will help you understand and guide you for new school setup right from project planning phase to Commissioning of school

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