Dr. Rosetta Willams has a unique perspective and experience in the education investment arena due to its multi disciplinary approach and experience. It has worked with some of the most prominent investors in the field and has earned a reputation of bringing new perspectives and insights to the industry.

Dr. Rosetta Willams investor team has worked on both sides of the deal flows and understands the special nature of transactions in the education sector. Drawing upon its experience, Dr. Rosetta Willams is able to draw critical insights into the growth prospects of individual companies and business units, as well as those of the industry as a whole or of particular segments.

Dr. Rosetta Willams has an understanding of different education markets, from segment and size to geography and maturity. It is able to discover and assist education companies and investors in awareness of market opportunities and in diligence and deal closure.

The Educational Consultant Advisors provides services that include:

  • Overall portfolio analysis
  • Advice and counsel on strengths and weakness of the sector
  • Insight and analysis of market opportunities internationally
  • Unique access to investment opportunities
  • Deal due diligence and risk assessment
  • Investment evaluation with strategic options
  • Turnaround and growth strategy for portfolio companies
  • Management restructuring and leadership recruitment for portfolio companies