School Project :/training institutes/vocational colleges/residential setups.
  • Project of new Schools and affiliation.
  • Management & trustees Empowerment School Bye-laws and regulations.
  • Concept aviation.
  • School Audit:/academic /systems/processes/operations.
  • Internal Audit for academics, Administration and Management
  • Regular surveillance audit.
  • HR Support:/training /soft skills.
  • Staff requirement
  • Development of Human Resources.
  • Quality Management System:
  • Designing Quality Manual for School, Work Procedure Academics, Administration and Management.
  • Complete ISO training and inspection.
  • Promotion
  • Franchisee Management.
  • Curriculum Development :
  • Curriculum development and planning of syllabus.
  • Assessment policies.
  • Technology driven institute and e-commerce , marketing and promotion of brand value.